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Report an Underage Drinking Party

Underage drinking is a major issue in our community. Alcohol is the number one drug used by our youth, more so than tobacco and illicit drugs. Underage drinking is responsible for over 4700 youth deaths annually.

A popular trend amongst underage drinkers is 'binge drinking.' Studies show that in 2010, approximately 189,000 emergency room visits occurred that involved the over-consumption of alcohol amongst underage drinkers. To many, alcohol has been glamorized and popularized in today's society. It is up to all of us to help influence today's youths in understanding that alcohol has real and long lasting effects, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Did you know?

In 2011, a federal youth behavior risk survey was conducted and the results for a period of thirty (30) day were as follows:

  • 39% drank some amount of alcohol
  • 24% rode with a driver that had been drinking alcohol
  • 22% binge drink
  • 8% drove after drinking alcohol

Common NH Laws relating to Underage Drinking

NH RSA 644:18 - Facilitating a Drug or Underage Alcohol House Party
NH RSA 179:5 - Prohibited Sales
NH RSA 179:9 - Persons Misrepresenting Age
NH RSA 179:10 - Unlawful Possession and Intoxication

Report an Underage Drinking Party Here

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