Dispatch: 603.524.5252 * Admin: 603.524.5257 * Prosecutor: 603.524.2330 * Fax: 603.527.1288


Dial 9-1-1 to report any suspicious activity

New Hampshire Hands Free Law

View this video by the Dover Police Department for more information

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

Click on the links to view and download forms.

House Check Form

Should you wish to request a house check, please fill

out this form and return to the police department in person.

Pistol Permit

Simply download this form, complete in entirety, and submit in

person or fax to 603.524.1448.

Business Contact Sheet

It is imperative that each business fill out and submit this form.

Officers often find unlocked doors or respond to alarms.  Having

property contact information will allow the owner or

or representative to ensure that no problems exist.

Records Request

Although you may fill out the online form here, you can also

download this form and submit it in person at the police


Accident Form

If you need to fill out a State Accident Form, but do not need

a police report, fill out this form and submit it to the State of

New Hampshire.  The police department does not accept this

report, only the N.H. Department of Motor Vehicles.

Bad Check Form

If you are the recipient of a bad check, please fill out this packet

and submit it to the police department.

Ride Along Form

Fill out this form entirely and submit to the Chief of Police via

e-mail CAdams@laconiapd.org or in person.

Animal Quarantine Form

Please fill out the form with the date of the incident.  After ten

days bring your animal to your veterinarian's office and have

the veterinarian sign the form, then submit the signed form

to the officer handling your case.

No Trespass Order

If you wish to notify someone that they are no longer wanted

on your property, fill out this form and follow the instructions

on the third page for service information.

Forms and safety information